Thursday, December 17, 2009

Too many states are Good or Bad - Telangana

We seen a lot of hue & cry for & against the separate TELANGANA state recently.
Almost 100 MP/MLA resigned against the formation of separate state for telangana.

In my opinion, Its not a bad idea to have more states when it is making sense. Case of Telangana is same as Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh or Uttaranchal.

The common thread between all these are….
1. The area is significantly underdeveloped then the rest of the country. (Though Hydrabad is part of it out of 10 district falling in telangana 7 are undeveloped)
2. The tribal population which is essentially poor & under educated.
3. they need to be given special attention so that the area can be developed.

If you see India has barely 30 states in a population of 100 Cr. People, compare to USA having 50 states for 20 cr. People. The cultural diversity of India is much higher than that of USA.

I support creation of Telangana & such other states where it is for upliftment & benefit of poor

Your views pl.

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